Women Leaders South Africa Success Stories: We Will Lead The Change

The past two years have been quite challenging with the Covid-19 pandemic negatively affecting us globally, putting a great strain on our health, economic and social development. Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, Women Leaders South Africa (WLSA) and Women Leaders South Africa Foundation defied the odds and launched an organisation to empower women and children with knowledge and skills that they can utilize to break the cycle of exclusion in underdeveloped and vulnerable communities in South Africa.
The organization has reached greater milestones; we have new members who have joined our team. Through the skills sharing and volunteering opportunities we are empowering five young open-minded individuals from different career fields who have a burning passion for women and youth empowerment.
Forging strategic partnerships
In partnership with Child Welfare Tshwane (CWT) we piloted the Girls Empowered Project, adopting 30 beneficiaries from the Atteridgeville community in the year 2020. Realizing the dire need of interventions aimed at empowering boy-children, we saw it fit to launch the Boys Empowered Project while working towards achieving gender inequality and inclusivity.
We are in awe of the success and impact we have accomplished since our inception. We have impacted 90 beneficiaries through our Girls and Boys Empowered Project. We distributed 288 dignity packs and served the beneficiaries pre-cooked meals for every session. We successfully fundraised 900 pads and, over 750 pads were distributed to the girls and women from disadvantaged communities. We are working towards our third year this year facilitating the Girls and Boys Empowered Project and, we have built a solid relationship with both our partner CWT and beneficiaries, and we cannot wait to collectively make more impact.
In 2021 we hosted our first bridging the gap workshop with the Gaegolelwe Adult Centre leaners to increase education retention and empower 50 women aged between 21-55 with basic life skills and self-awareness.
The year ahead
In 2022 we have exciting projects in our pipeline which include the 4-week Women Empowerment Workshop at Gaegolelwe Adult Centre aimed at addressing mental health, career exposure and life couching to name a few.
We are working with Sunrise Secondary School from a disadvantaged community, Diepsloot. The school has a few challenges one of which is the lack of proper infrastructure. The school is made up of container classes and toilets, some which are dilapidated and are not conducive nor sustainable for a proper learning environment. The school has an average of 1 300 learners in great need of upliftment and empowerment. WLSA Foundation is determined to assist the school by strategically aligning the school leavers with mentors, skills development, and career exposure.
WLSA is opening the organisation to empower the youth by providing them with the opportunity to increase their skills set whilst gaining the necessary experience required in the field of work. The online volunteer programme is a platform that allows individuals to pursue their passion, utilize their skills and knowledge to address challenges faced in South Africa. It allows individuals who have access to computer, cell phone and the internet to volunteer from anywhere in their world.
The different fields included in the online volunteer programme are:
  • Advocacy and outreach
  • Facilitating and training
  • Events organising
  • Administration
  • Design and content creation
  • Writing and editing
We cannot wait to implement all our projects planned for this year and continue to make impact and reach greater heights. We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who played a role in our success story.