Setting Up the Youth for Success through self-reflection and goals setting

The 12th of March 2022 marked the second-year commencement of the Girls and Boys Empowered Programme. In efforts to empower the youth from the Atteridgeville, Pretoria communities and strengthen them to become effective members of the society, the organisation held its first session to set the youth up for success through goal setting and vision board creation.
The beneficiaries were divided into groups according to their ages to identify and discuss ways of breaking the stereotypes of gender inequality and how to protect each other from negative societal norms. Through their discussions, they were able to express their needs, challenges, and expectations from the programme to ensure their gaps are closed.
Goal setting was one of the topics covered on the day with participants engaging on the importance of having a positive outlook on life and set their individual goals by creating vision boards. The aim of the activity was to foster the habit of dreaming and learning to put their dreams into actionable goals that will assist in aligning their focus and give them direction in their professional and personal lives. Commenting during the session, one of the beneficiaries stated that she is passionate about food and would like to pursue a career as a chef and ultimately own her own restaurant where she will be serving her customers’ mouth-watering dishes.
We look forward to your continued generous support to raise funds to ensure our beneficiaries’ basic hygiene needs are met.